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Home Again.

I’m home again.  It’s bittersweet.  36 hours, five airports, three airlines, and four hours of sleep — I’m ready for some comfy clothes and a long nap.  I love traveling, though – even the craziness of airports and the random weird events that I inevitably encounter.  This was definitely and adventure; if you see me in person drinking my Coco-Corona at King Corona in Ybor, ask about the 3 am Philly excitement, and I’ll fill you in!


Hello, Philadelphia!

Ahh, traveling again.  I seriously start to go stir crazy if I’m stuck in Tampa too long, so when I was given an opportunity to head back to Philly and stay at the exceptional Hotel Palomar you know I jumped all over it!  This is one of the best four-star boutique hotels in the city – and it’s a Kimpton property, which means you know the service and experience will be above par.  The staff here are some of my favorites, and the hotel is GORGEOUS.  Just take a look at the lobby!


So many comfortable places to sit and chat, or enjoy the hosted wine hour each evening.  I love hanging out by the windows with a hot cup of coffee or a nice martini, and watch the people walking by.

One of my favorite features of the Kimpton hotels are the beds.  They’re amazing, and I’d have one at home if I could fold up a mattress and stick it in my suitcase.  They hooked me up with a king sized bed and a city view for this trip – no complaints here!


and right outside the window –


This really is a must-stay hotel.  The location is also excellent – just blocks from Rittenhouse Square, everything you could possibly want is within easy walking distance.  Shopping ( including a huge Sephora, a Nordstrom Rack,  and an Apple store!), dining ( casual and fancy), public transport, and entertainment.  I love a walkable city.

Sometimes you just want to stay in, and the Hotel Palomar also offers 24 hour dining courtesy of their in-house restaurant, Square 1682.  My last stay I ordered in-room service because I was just too tired to wander around looking for food.  This time I headed downstairs before leaving for the airport for an amazing continental breakfast.  Even something simple is presented beautifully, the staff is attentive, and the service is fast.  It’s worth coming in for a bite to eat even if you aren’t spending the night at the hotel – it’s really that delicious!


Well, I’m off to Boston, Miami, and then finally home to Tampa.  Remember, if you follow me on Instagram you get to see all my adventures in real time, along with photos that I don’t share here!


Oh, GaYbor.

The Man and I went out last night.  We’ve been trying to hit the strip one night a week, even if it’s just for a coffee and some people watching.  It’s nice to get away for an hour or two, relax, take in the sights.  What started as a coffee at King Corona ended with an adventure at Southern Nights, lol.  My favorite bartender made me some wonderful vodka concoction, I got to watch boys in underwear dance, and for once a fabulous hair night didn’t go to waste.  God, I love this town!


Music Is What Feelings Sound Like



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We Are America

There has been a lot of not-so-great news lately.  The Pulse club shooting left many of my friends in Ybor devastated (RIP, Top Hat Eddie).

Recently John Cena shot a PSA in Ybor – right on 7th Avenue.  It was all very hush hush, and they were there and gone in a day.  I got the impression that it may have even been a last-minute kind of thing, but since he lives in Tampa … maybe not.

In any case, this is the final result, and I’m in love. We Are America.

(Also, if you’ve ever been to 7th Avenue, play the “how many businesses can you name” game with me.  Hint: the giant American flag is hanging off of the balcony of Hamburger Mary’s in Centro)






In some parts of the country, people wait for the arrival of birds or flowers to herald the beginning of spring.  Here in Tampa, I anxiously await the announcement of the yearly Sugar Party at the Honey Pot – right here in Ybor.

The theme changes from year to year, but you’re always assured of amazing confections, unique entertainment, and enough free drinks to keep me on the edge of tipsy for the night.  It’s the only event in Tampa that I am guaranteed to attend – no matter what – and this year was the first time that The Man has been able to attend with me.  Yay for kids finally being old enough to stay alone for a few hours!

Of course, we did what any self-respecting couple would – found matching outfits that coordinated with this years Asian theme, got dressed up, and went out to adult for a few hours.  The Man and I have very few photos together, so enjoy the rare sighting.

The party was fabulous, as always, and I discovered a new summer addiction.  Small Town Brewery has created the most delicious alcoholic root beer I’ve ever put in my mouth – it’s dangerously good.  The Man prefers the ginger ale, but I think he’s wrong.  Whichever flavor *you* prefer, it’s worth picking up a six pack and keeping it in the fridge.