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In some parts of the country, people wait for the arrival of birds or flowers to herald the beginning of spring.  Here in Tampa, I anxiously await the announcement of the yearly Sugar Party at the Honey Pot – right here in Ybor.

The theme changes from year to year, but you’re always assured of amazing confections, unique entertainment, and enough free drinks to keep me on the edge of tipsy for the night.  It’s the only event in Tampa that I am guaranteed to attend – no matter what – and this year was the first time that The Man has been able to attend with me.  Yay for kids finally being old enough to stay alone for a few hours!

Of course, we did what any self-respecting couple would – found matching outfits that coordinated with this years Asian theme, got dressed up, and went out to adult for a few hours.  The Man and I have very few photos together, so enjoy the rare sighting.

The party was fabulous, as always, and I discovered a new summer addiction.  Small Town Brewery has created the most delicious alcoholic root beer I’ve ever put in my mouth – it’s dangerously good.  The Man prefers the ginger ale, but I think he’s wrong.  Whichever flavor *you* prefer, it’s worth picking up a six pack and keeping it in the fridge.