Reviews and Referrals

I don’t often review products or companies, and when I do I want to be absolutely clear – which is why they have their own page over here, well away from everything else.  I’m always transparent if I’ve been given an item to use and review, and if I post an affiliate link I want it to be clear that it is *my* link and what we both get out of it.  I only share things with you that I think are excellent deals or amazing products!


Birchbox – I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for years ( really! ) and it’s my small guilty pleasure every month.  As much as I love high end makeup and beauty products, who can justify spending $50 on a lipstick? (hint – not me)  Birchbox is a monthly subscription for only $10 that provides you with 4-5 samples ( often full-sized products) tailored to your profile and what you’d like to receive.  I love being able to try a variety of high end brands and items with no commitment – and then if I love it, I can buy the full-sized versions at a discount, right on the site!  It’s a perfect monthly treat for yourself, a friend, to use as a “thank you” for your bridesmaids or babysitter, or even for someone who doesn’t know a lot about makeup and wants to experiment.  There’s also Birchbox Man for the guy in your life – it also comes with some super cool grooming and other feel-good man type things.  When you use my referral link to sign up, I earn Birchbox Points that I can turn into discounts on products on the site…it’s a great system!  There’s also no commitment – buy a box one month at a time, cancel whenever you wish, or save money and purchase a years subscription at one time.

Snagshout –  I was one of the beta testers when Snagshout first launched, and I’ve been a loyal user ever since.  Recently they decided to let us invite people to the site – so here is your invitation!  All you need is an Amazon account, and you can score items of all kinds for a huge discount — and many of the items are free!  You “snag” an item, try it out, and write an honest review on … and that’s all there is to it.  The more items you review. the higher your snag limit gets, and the higher your rating on the site rises.  You’ll find everything from supplements to sheets, workout equipment, beds, appliances … the offers change multiple times a day.   When you sign up for an account with my affiliate link, it raises my score and also unlocks special deals for me to snag … so share away!

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants – You guys – seriously – I do not have enough good things to say about these people.  I’ve stayed in hotels all over the country from DC to Chicago, Philadelphia to Baltimore, and they are CONSISTENTLY the best place I’ve ever rested my head.  The Kimpton experience is one of a kind – they treat everyone like a VIP, they’re 100% pet friendly, LGBTQ+, encourage electric cars, yoga, and bike rentals, and the concierges go above and beyond for any of your needs, the beds are to DIE for, and each hotel is a unique experience.  I’m actually disappointed when I travel and there isn’t a Kimpton available in the city I’m heading to.  I’m (im)patiently awaiting the opening of a new hotel here in Tampa, and did I mention the customer service is top notch?  It’s true – some of the fastest Twitter responses I’ve ever had from a major chain.  Make sure you join the Kimpton Karma program, and score free wifi while earning free nights!!