Are you still building websites?

Officially, no.  Unofficially — maybe. Hit me up.  If your idea is interesting and I can get behind it ( and if I have space and time for a project) then maybe. Use the contact form and let me know what you’ve got brewing.

How about social media and marketing?

Absolutely!  I’m always available to help you with your social media, whether you just need a few lessons on how to use Facebook sponsored posts, or you’re looking for someone to take over the social media presence for your company or brand.

Can you help with promotion?

Sure!  I’ve helped promote everything from international film festivals to local companies and individual events.  I usually require a six-month lead time in order to produce the best results for you, but lets talk!

What are your rates?

I have a pretty in-depth rate sheet for all of the services that I offer, including some package deals.  If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be happy to send one over to you.

Do you write product reviews?  Are you looking for sponsors?

I rarely write product reviews here, but sometimes it happens.  I have to really be behind the company or product 100% to promote it on my own.  I’m always transparent if I’ve been given a product to review or if I received something at a discount.  If I post an affiliate link ( like for Birchbox) I’ll always be clear that it is MY affiliate link and what I’m getting out of it.  As for sponsorship, I’m always willing to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement with companies and products that fit in well with  my personal brand.

Can I send you pictures?

Please don’t.  Seriously.  Unless the photo you’re sending me is of an item or product we’ve discussed previously, please don’t send me photos.  Never in my life have I woken up, logged into my email and thought “gee! I sure hope some random stranger sends me nude photos today!”

Can I friend you on Facebook?

The link to all my public social media profiles are available on this site.  Sorry – my personal pages are for real life friends and family only.  Even I need a place to share crappy days and bad selfies!